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Call for papers 2014



Temporalities, Territories and Imaginaries: 
Critical and Contemporary Modes of Literary Productivity

Key Note Speaker:

    Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Spanish Graduate Program would like to invite the academic community to its second conference. This encounter seeks to address the complex relationships between literary discourse and its political, social, artistic and cultural dimensions in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. The committee searches for pedagogical research involving new and contemporary modes of literary subjectivity and productivity—for example, critical temporalities, simultaneous territories, subalternity, and intergeneric texts. The main interest and objective is to identify emerging narratives and/or articulations that interrogate canonicity and nation formation but which simultaneously produce new modes of artistic creativity. The committee also  encourages panels and presentations in the Visual Arts—film, photography, new and old forms of communication--, Gender Studies, Comparative Literatures, and (Post)Poetry. Although the invitation is directed to students in the fields of literature, arts or culture, we would also take into consideration proposals from departments of the School of Arts and Sciences such as History, Transatlantic Studies, Latin American and Chicano Studies, Linguistics, Religious Studies and/or emerging critical theories (Affect Theory, Biopolitics, etc.).

All best,
Organizing Committee, 2014
Submission Guidelines
Languages: Spanish, English or Portuguese
Presentation Format: Each presenter is allotted 15 mins., papers cannot be read in absentia.
Abstract: Please send a 300 word proposal (Word .doc/.dox or Pdf.) to coloquiosfsu@gmail.com
Deadline:  Monday January 13, 2014

Please include: Name, institution affiliation, and contact information. 

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